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We believe that it is in the building of relationships that true community transformation occurs.


Many people think of a church as a destination, a time, or a building. It is not. A church is a gathering of Christ-centered, caring individuals with a passion to be the hands and heart of Christ in the larger community. It is a place to engage in “Community transformation through the love of Christ.” LifeTree is such a place.

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Our goals for 2020 are simple. We want to have Fun, Make new friends, Build stronger and better relationships between our neighbors and our Lord Jesus the Christ! Oh... and we also want to build a new church! Want'a join us?  


At LifeTree Church we believe the Bible is truly God's message to us. We believe it was inspired by the Holy Spirit and gives us insight into the mind of God. 

We believe in the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We celebrate two sacraments: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: We believe Christians should be people on the move... living and proclaiming their faith not in words but in the actions of their hands and heart!


About Crystal…

In addition to leading our Praise and Worship team, Crystal is a State Representative for our Celebrate Recovery Program. She brings the gift of an incredible voice and a passion for the Lord to her ministry.



If the church is to continue to be the hands and heart of Christ, then the church must find a way to reach the next generation – especially the unchurched or de-churched, regardless of their age.


The church is about relationships with our neighbors and with Christ. Relationships build trust. Trust empowers people to step boldly where they might not otherwise venture. This is the vision of LifeTree. This is why we are launching soon as a brand new church.


Join us Tuesday
6PM Dinner

7pm large Group

8pm small groups


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Write or call us at:

LifeTree Church

1501 SE Highway 19,

Crystal River, FL 34429


Director of Music
Crystal Gilmer

Dr. Andrew Beery
Designated Pastor

About Andrew…

Rev. Dr. Beery began his ministry in 2010. In 2016 he was called to be the designated pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Crystal River. First Presbyterian is now operating under the name LifeTree Church. 

Dr. Beery's background and doctoral studies are centered on church revitalization. This has been his focus at LifeTree. 

Andrew is a frequent top-100 Amazon SciFi author. A longtime fan of Science Fiction and Fantasy, he has multiple advanced degrees in hard sciences as well as theology. He is an unrepentant technologist with over 25 years in the "Information Technology" field -much of it as a Senior Manager of Research and Development.  He considers himself a geek with a passion for God!  

Check out his BeerysBit page on Amazon 



December 1, 2019  Advent 1

November 24, 2019 

November 17, 2019 

November 10, 2019

December 8, 2019  Advent 2

December 15, 2019  Advent 3

At LifeTree we strive to be a "Judgement and conflict free zone" - All are welcome!

Something New is Coming! 

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