-My Science Fiction -

So I am a Geek with a passion for God

My Science Fiction novels reflect this passion. If you are into hardcore military or space opera science fiction then you should take a look at my some of my books.

The neat thing about writing science fiction is I get to imagine what the world might look like. This gives me a chance to explore my Christian values without 'beating up' the reader.

I can reach people with an inspiring message of hope, humor, love and adventure with characters that live the Gospel in the actions of their hands and hearts without them ever needing to enter my church.

By the Grace of God I have been successful. I'm often listed in Amazon's top 100 authors for Science Fiction. There has even been an effort undertaken to move some of my work to the silver screen.

Check out the video below!

For my fellow geeks... Click to see a short demo of some Atari ST software I wrote a number of years ago!
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