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So I am a Geek with a passion for God


I try to keep my sermons and deeply theological ramblings confined to this space... I'm not always successful but I try!

My philosophy for the church is really a very simple one. We  need to do only two things... reach people for Christ by doing and acting like Christ... and, second, making the next generation our absolute priority. 

Churches that make the next generation a primary point of focus are successful in growing the Kingdom. Those that do not... are not. It is that simple.

My tenure at Crystal River's First Presbyterian church is new but I have made it my number one priority to work with the existing congregation to reach the next generation. Every decision we take... every dollar we spend... every sacrifice we make... are all predicated on the desire to reach the next generation. It is becoming our DNA.

If that excites you then I invite you to become a part of our Christ-centric team.



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